Inspiration comes to all of us from many sources, no matter the project at hand. My interest and pursuit of garden and landscape design began as a child under the guidance of a father whose passion for flower gardens is still unmatched, even within the broad circle of master gardeners I know today. Over the years I have created very different kinds of gardens. Each was inspired first by the particular lay of the land and secondly by my own development as a designer, where my experience and studies had taken me and the sense of aesthetics I was influenced by.
For the last 15 years my attentions have focused almost entirely on the art and tradition of Japanese gardens. The garden in this gallery is in Portland, Oregon, said to be the most beautiful Japanese garden outside of Japan. I have been traveling there for years and studying its many aspects and the crafts involved in its creation and maintenance. The shaping and training of trees. The long-term planning that goes into choosing and planting the many species of trees and bushes. The design and construction of bamboo screens and fences, of stone walkways, of water elements, of wooden gates and buildings.
This all tied in perfectly to an earlier interest of mine – Bonsai. I now have a dozen “trees in pots”, all dug in the wild. My oldest tree, a Balsam from Monhegan Island, is 15 years old, an infant in Bonsai terms, but I am quite proud of it. The bonsai in this gallery are in the National Arboretum In Washington, DC.

If you look at the photos in my “Seasons” and “The Project” galleries, you’ll see the work I am currently involved in and how the influences of Japanese gardens and the art of Bonsai are inspiring our personal landscaping and gardening enterprise.

To contact me for an initial consultation about your landscape and garden project:
Phone number – 434 295-8807. Email address – tim@timokane.com

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