The Project

Each stage of this project, from the placing of the first stone, the making of multiple design drawings, the construction and digging has been a challenging and joyful endeavor. Almost everything I have done has been learned along the way. The problems that arose, some surprises that at first seemed unsurmountable, brought opportunities to redesign and find new solutions, always better than the original. A good example is the old cinderblock wall, holding up the entire back hill, has been slowly disintegrating, always looking like it’s about to fall. The solution has proved to be one of our most labor intensive yet promises eventually to be one of the most beautiful elements in the whole garden. We are terracing, dividing the whole of the hill into three parts, making each into a unique garden and at the same time dividing the weight and pressure into something more manageable. Here is a collection of images showing our efforts and progress.

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